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ConfigSafe® V8 NOW for Windows 8 and Windows 7 (x86 and x64)  

Most PC problems result from changes made by hardware or software, or the result of inadvertent changes made by users. ConfigSafe protects your system by tracking user and application changes to key system components by taking a picture, or snapshot, of a system configuration. The ConfigSafe snapshot enables system and file restoration, returning problem PCs to a working state in just seconds

ConfigSafe V8 provides standalone recovery for Windows 8 and Windows 7 systems. It provides highly accurate and comprehensive system protection, recovery and troubleshooting for Windows users, IT professionals and support organizations. ConfigSafe V8 is extremely powerful yet remarkably simple to use, making it attractive to a wide range of users...from the novice PC user to the highly skilled technical analyst.

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SRP Forensic Explorer for System Restore Points

SRP Forensic Explorer is a powerful system health and investigative tools.  SRP Forensic Explorer allows for the viewing and comparing of the Registry (including Registry permissions) and Folders through system restore points.  This tool helps identify the existence and source of a configuration problem, potential insider threats or possible malicious intrusion.

For support and forensic professionals of system health and security investigation, SRP Forensic Explorer is one software utility that does not need any explanation or justification.  SRP Forensic Explorer can provide critical information about the unexpected changes that have occurred to a system's registry hives and system drive after performing a system restore operation.  SRP Explorer can generate and display the DIFF of the selected registry hives and system drive folder between two system restore points or between one system restore point and the LIVE state including registry permission changes.

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